How did the N-word get to be so common in hip-hop culture, and why is it used so casually among certain black communities?

The use of Nigga/Nigger by blacks to describe other blacks is not a hip-hop thing. It’s been happening conversationally in black communities for over 100 years; it just seems more prevalent because white folks are listening to the music made by blacks, and black music has become increasingly vulgar in the past 25 years.

As for why they use the word, its common for a specific group to take on negative words used against them in an effort to empower themselves with a sense of pride.

For instance look at homosexuals who commonly call each other Fag or southern whites who call each other Rednecks. They can call each other that but when someone outside of their group says it they would still be offended. No difference.


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"When you become famous, I’m going to show all my friends this picture and tell them that we used to go to high school together"


Kudos to my grandson David for letting me do his makeup today, it’s been a good three years so far kiddo.  You’re growing up to be a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man (just kidding) - Grandmama is proud of her awkward little grandchild even if you didn’t make it to Nats, you did great and you tried your hardest and that’s all that counts for dear.  I’ll be back for a round four next year! 

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Wildin’, doing shit that’s way out of your budget

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when you see the refrigerator is filled with food

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Death row ft. Dylan Daves #photo #freehand #powmia #icanbeartsy




Kidney, $262,000 in the U.S., $62,000 in China, $15,000 in India.

Liver, $157,000.

Heart, $119,000.

Small intestine, $2,519.

Pair of eyeballs, $1,525.

Coronary artery, $1,525.

Gallbladder, $1,219.

Skull with teeth, $1,200.

Scalp, $607.

Spleen, $508.

Stomach, $508.

Hand and forearm, $385.

Pint of blood, $337 in the U.S., just $25 in India.

Skin, $10 per square inch.

who wants to get rich with me


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Happy 60th Birthday to the one, the only, Jackie Chan.

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Khmer New Years

Every year in April, we celebrate Cambodian New Years. It’s suppose to be a time for fun and celebration just like any other new years. The Cambodian community in Louisville always host a place where we can celebrate and have fun. But, it’s been about 6 or 7 years since I’ve been there. I always wanted to go back. The singing and dancing were always fun. However, my parents keep telling me to stay home. Their reason is this: the people. They tell me stories of how people get drunk as fuck, but still. I want to be part of my culture. I just want to celebrate the new year.